Sunday, June 25, 2017

I am...

Earlier this week I began to study the iconography of a painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna. It is one of his later works completed towards the end of his life, probably during the latter part of 1498, and titled Parnassus.

It is focuses on the Roman deities Mars and Venus. Other pagan deities are also featured; and as I have no knowledge in Roman or Greek mythology, I have had to familiarise myself with some of the attributes associated with these mythical figures.

It brought to mind the question: Do I ever apply myself to studying the attributes of Jesus in the same way or devote my time to learning and uderstanding all that Jesus has to give?

The New Testament is the greatest written source for giving light to all aspects of Jesus, human and divine. Then there are the hearts of others, made in his image and likeness, when I am reminded that the glory of God is not reserved only in heaven but is visible and experienced on earth as well.

The Greeks and the Romans of antiquity had gods for their every need and desire. I’ve have yet to come across one who proclaimed it was gentle and humble in heart.

Parnassus (Mars and Venus) c 1498, by Andrea Mantegna, Louvre Museum, Paris